Youth center: a place to grow - Batna

Youth center: a place to grow - Batna

This project is a result of an architectural and urban programming study. It was set to satisfy the needs of the local community of the chosen site.

The goal of this project design was to make an integral project that's feasible in real life, starting from the preliminary studies of the site to the execution file.

Genesis of the idea

"Youth is a source of latent energy, to exploit it you have to extract it, to extract it you have to stimulate it.
Once out, it risks being dispersed in space or used improperly. thus, you have to capture it... not too tight or too loose: It requires its freedom of movement but still, it must be shaped, guided, and directed, so that its agitation is constructive and positive."

Through its design, this youth center aims to be the place where this potential energy thrives and is used for the community's best interests.


This project is situated in a relatively new residential area on the outskirts of the city and it lacks spaces where young people can spend time, communicate and harness their energy.

The designs use a dynamic approach by creating organic-shaped spaces, open spaces with movable partitions.

It focuses on inclusivity by providing different ranges of physical and intellectual activity and is also accessible to people with disabilities.

The design valorizes the use of natural elements to dynamize the space (accessible roof gardens, solarium, and polyvalent interior spaces with the possibility of extension to exterior green spaces).